The requirements contained in the Green Trace – Partner Verification System apply to all agricultural producers who produce and sell commodity coffees, whether they participate in an existing certification program or not.

The purpose of regular internal verifications is to guide, inspect and promote improvements amongst partners participating in the project. For each monitoring visit, an inspection is carried out by the technical staff of Comexim Ltd. During this inspection, the set of criteria established is checked, and evidence and comments are added as proof of what was covered during the monitoring. At the end, a report is generated with the percentage of compliance.

Both the periodical checks and the cycle validation audits will be carried out through sampling. Comexim Ltd. strives to ensure that its registered partners are exemplary suppliers, complying with national laws, regulations and sectoral agreements and collective bargaining agreements in force, thus improving social, economic and environmental conditions in their areas of operation.

We would also like to point out that GREEN TRACE is exclusive to COMEXIM Ltd. and it is not possible to negotiate coffee deals involving the program UNLESS COMEXIM Ltd., which owns the program, is the BUYER of the coffee.

All partners are classified according to the size of their coffee plantations. The classification will be according to the information below:

Those who have up to 15 hectares of coffee planted;

Those who have between 15.01 hectares and 59.99 hectares of coffee planted;

Those who have more than 60 hectares of coffee planted.

The GREEN TRACE criteria apply to all business partners, regardless of their classification.

In order to take part, the producer will initially sign a membership form and be visited initially at the property to be registered.