Green Trace Suggestions & Complaints

Green Trace Suggestions & Complaints

Committed to the mission of treating its partners and serving its customers with ethics, respect, honesty and transparency, COMEXIM Ltd. has created this communication channel to receive questions, suggestions and complaints specific to the internal Green Trace verification program.

We have therefore provided a space below where our business partners, suppliers and/or other interested parties can share situations where they feel negatively impacted by GREEN TRACE, its practices and standards in force, such as the processes and results of periodic verifications and validation audits.

All messages will be reviewed by Comexim’s technical and managing staffs in order to follow up the situation internally and then provide feedback to the interested party. This feedback period should take place over a period of 3-6 months. The timetable for dealing with these issues will follow the steps below:

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    The request can be terminated at any stage if what was proposed in the request is a one-off matter. In this case, only a reply with the appropriate justification to the requester is necessary.

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