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Comexim Transports.
The provision of transport services allied to the commitment to the environment, health, safety and quality in service are our values.



Comexim Transports was born to meet the demand for fast, efficient, and safe transportation for coffee exports, in line with the Group's business diversification policy, which, until then, was dedicated exclusively to exporting coffee.

In 2005, Comexim acquired 50% of the Roma Transportation Company, and, as of 2007, took over its controlling interest and changed its name to Comexim

Transports. Currently, besides providing services for Comexim Café, the company serves clients such as: Klabin S.A, Neovia Nutrição and Saúde Animal, among others.

It has two strategically located units, one in the city of Santos, SP, and the main one in the city of Ouro Fino, MG, exactly on the border between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, an important logistics hub.




Comexim Transports is dedicated to the transportation of non-fractioned cargo, with quality and punctuality. It serves clients located in the Southeast, Midwest, Northeast and South (in Paraná) regions of Brazil, counting on more than 150 service providers.

The company's own fleet is composed of 14 heavy vehicles, with capacity for up to 54 tons, working with the brands Scania, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz, using implements such as grain trailers and bi-trains, besides container carriers (Bug's and Roadtrains) qualified for the transportation of bulk products, food, beverages, and packaging.

The company has Fleet Insurance for all the group's vehicles and Cargo Insurance RC-TRC (Civil Responsibility for Cargo Transportation), and RF-DC (Facultative Responsibility for Disappearance of Cargo).

All employees undergo specific training and adopt standard operating procedures, seeking the improvement and satisfaction of our customers in the provision of transport services.

Security and Tracking System

With modern vehicle tracking technology from Onix Sat in conjunction with the Risk Manager, the online monitoring and tracking of the entire company’s fleet and third-party loaded vehicles is performed. The redundant tracking systems Sascar and Goal Sat also provide greater security for customer cargo with end-to-end efficiency.

Risk Management

Besides Comexim's employees who follow the movement of each vehicle, all the movement of the company's fleet and third party's vehicles is monitored and managed by Komando Risk Management.

Professional Profile’s Evaluation

All the company’s own and outsourced drivers undergo Professional Profile Evaluation in two risk management companies that provide services to Comexim: Komando Risk Manager and Buonny Risk Manager. These measures aim at greater reliability and safety in the operations for the clients.


Competitive Edges

Cargo transportation to any corner of Brazil
24-hour tracking
Insurances: RC-TRC, RF-DC
ERP Totvs
Trained employees
Self-performed maintenance
Safety, reliability, and quality in transport
Solid and credible group

Comexim Transports.

Ouro Fino, MG, Brazil

Phone.: +55 35 3441-2046 - extension 4239