Projects Organized in
Partnership with CECAFÉ

Comexim is an active member of CECAFÉ (Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council), and we are working together towards a common goal. Below, some data obtained by CECAFÉ regarding each project:


Informed Producer Project

(An Initiative of the Coffee Export Sector)

Aimed at family farming, small producers and rural workers with the purpose of promoting digital inclusion, knowledge on computer skills and the use of Internet as tools for agricultural work and management.

Since 2006, we have achieved the following results:
• Approximately 4,900 producers trained;
• A total of 102 classes in 2017.
• 111 municipalities served in four states (MG, ES, SP and RO);
• Classes on agricultural good practices and issues related to environmental preservation, social and labor issues, soil management and productivity.


Coffee at School Project

The Coffee Children at School Project aims at introducing the digital world to coffee-based communities, allowing a large number of children in rural areas to have the same knowledge access opportunities as those living in big cities. By helping to improve the quality of education, we believe that we are contributing to decrease rural flight (exodus) and enabling farmworkers to make a living where they live. The target-public of this project are youngsters and children who study in public schools, ranging from early childhood education to elementary and high school, and even the teachers who work at these schools. Some of these schools allow access to their digital labs (ou computer rooms) to their local communities.

Data on this initiative:
• 95 municipalities served;
• 137 digital labs; (ou computer rooms);
• 116 of them with Internet access;
• 1,370 personal computers deployed.