Palestra sobre Gestão – Programa Café+Forte.


Field Day

On February 12, 2017 we carried out the 3rd Field Day initiative. We presented innovations and solutions for sensitive issues related to social best practices to coffee producers of Ouro Fino and surrounding regions.
We addressed the following topics:
• Sustainability (Global Coffee Platform);
• Special Coffees (with coffee sommelier André L. Cornélio, agricultural engineer).
• Café+Forte Project (FAEMG - Federation of Agriculture of the State of Minas Gerais);
• Signalgrass management in coffee-growing (IFSULDEMINAS Federal Institute);
• Safety Tips for Rural Areas (Military Police of Minas Gerais);
• Windbreaks in coffee-growing (IFSULDEMINAS);
• Financing policies for coffee-growing (Emater State Agency of Minas Gerais);
• Health - Awareness campaigns on breast and prostate cancer (ASMEC Colleges).